We are a young and focused institution in seeking financial and management solutions for investors and companies. Staffed by experienced consultants, agile and strategic partners, the team is dimensioned according to the needs of each operation, always bringing customized solutions.

What we do

Interface between companies and investor’s needs:

  • M&A;
  • Financial, management and risks;
  • Investors seeking opportunities in Brazil and other countries in South America;
  • Companies established seeking capital investment, debt and/or equity;
  • Start-up seeking capital.

Where we work

We focus on the Brazilian market and other countries in South America and Africa.

Our Mission

We cultivate long-term relationships based on confidence and even co-entrepreneurship. In addition to seeking capital can contribute to the decision making, management and structuring of business.

We are

  • Contemporaries – We are always up to date and connected trends, markets, business, technology and management.
  • Daring – We act with responsibility and freedom, always in accordance with our values.
  • Intelligent – identify the root of the problems and point out practical solutions, creating better approaches.
  • Weighted – We take personal decisions and thoughtful professionals. Question actions that are not aligned with our values.
  • Objectives – We communicate internally and with the market, always with objectivity and candor.
  • Transparent – True in interpersonal relationships, share successes and failures.
about us

Anderson Cruz

Founder and Financial Advisor


Needs to seek solutions in transition environments, coupled with my operational and financial knowledge, created a form of systemic view of the business and teamwork. I worked with M&A, valuation, project finance, project management, R&D&I.

Master in Finance from School of Economics, Administration and Accounting of University of São Paulo (FEA-USP) and Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from Escola Politécnica of University of São Paulo (POLI-USP).

Over 15 years, I worked in private equity funds, corporate finance, asset management, consulting and business emerging Market (LATAM). Performance in acceleration and restructuring processes/professional companies, participating in decision-making, proposing solutions and supporting entrepreneurs.