“The Art of the Deal”

The Nowa Capital is a financial consulting firm that seeks solutions to its clients, providing sell-side buy-side advisory services to medium-sized companies and start-ups. We act also as financial consulting, management and risks.

Focused on providing consistent and outstanding results, we offer an integrated approach to the clients needs through strategic partners in major financial centers such as London, Honk Kong and New York. Therefore, our customers have a ready and structured team with expertise in various products and services.


BuySide and SellSide

We advise companies and institutions in:

  • M&A, advice on transactions involving companies in Brazil in the purchase, sale (total or partial), merger and corporate reorganizations.
  • Capital Raising, we work closely with partners to assist customers in their needs, equity, mezzanine operation, debt; capital and transactions originated by private investors, companies, private equity and venture capital
  • Project finance, study, modeling and project viability.
  • Valuation, evaluate and financial modeling of the company.

We serve:

  • Companies and private equity/venture capital established funds seeking capital investment through debt and equity;
  • Innovative technology start-up seeking resources for growth;
  • Investors interested in companies and funds in Brazil, other countries in South America and Africa.

Advisor Service

Strategic Consulting, Finance and Management

We act as facilitators with our clients in order to realize their full potential through development of strategic planning, financial and management consulting. Our consulting services, combined with operational improvements, provide analysis and help identify possible variables that impact the business and its position relative to its stakeholders.

Risk Evaluation

Businesses and investors are subject to local risks related to business and market; by surveying, modeling and evaluation, we present a simple, indicators and scenarios that ensure the exposure level of information to different risks:

  • Market Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Environmental Risk
  • Political Risk.


We find strategic solutions for our clients with restructuring plans of debt and existing capital.


To guarantee flexibility and access to key global markets, Nowa Capital works with strategic partners in major financial centers such as New York, London and Honk Kong, expanding our ability to provide service solutions, consulting and capital.


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